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I love mexican food. all day e’ry day…i would eat it forever if it didnt have the potential to give me a big ole booty.
this little spot in the west village was so delicious. i didnt have high expectations when i sat down but boy was a i wrong. the guacamole is fresh and delicious and you can get fancy kinds with mango or orange and chilies, oh my!

for my main, i ordered the carne tacos (chile guajillo marinated skirt steak, purple potato-poblano salsa, avocado-chive aioli, crispy potatoes, manchego) which were so flavorful that after my first bite i actually said “whoa” ala joey from blossom…my friend ordered the pollo on the strength of one of the ingredients being fried beer (epazote marinated grilled chicken, fava bean-cornpico de gallo, cured onion, salsa negra, crispy beer) and it was banging!

do your tummy a favor and go..the drinks sounded amazing too, but sadly i refrained. no biggie, just means i have to go back!

100 Seventh Ave. South near Grove St.
New York, NY 10014

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