While I was out…



Ive been MIA for more than a minute, but A LOT of things have been going on!

Quick re-cap:
– I lost my dream job (the site folded, sad face)
– I was freelancing like a mofo
– I rescued an amazing dog (Taco!!)
– I went to Florida
– My husband shot a new music video
– I got a new (full time) job-great success

While I try to get this blog back to its regularly scheduled program, above are some pics I took of what I was up to the last 5 months.

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cant wait to get stuffed tomorrow..i have 3 different stops to make in the city and then back to the old neighborhood in south brooklyn. going to run home now and start on all the gifts im making everyone this year, so much nicer that way isnt it?!

hope there is good food and good people where youre going. I plan to beat my husband in the who-can-eat-more contest i challenge him to every year, what are your goals??


pic from my honeymoon

Le Petit Elefant


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I stumbled across this illustrator at the brooklyn flea a year ago and quickly fell in love with the illo of the girl and boy. I bought a few to give as gifts, but kept that one and put it over the bed i share with my sweet love.

these prints are grrreat to give as gifts, or if you dont want to commit to a print, buy a card to give along with a gift, its totally frame worthy too.

le petit elefant here